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Shaoxing Skyrise Textile Co Ltd is located in Shaoxing textile fabric market in China Textile City of Asia adjacent to Hangzhou Ningbo Expressway and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport a beautiful environment convenient transportation regional economic development Companies specializing in business all kinds of dyeing and printing satin chiffon taffeta organza mesh wool peach pongee T C fabric and lace embroidery velvet Fdy Dty Ity poly span all kinds of jersey fabric etc Our products contains good quality available choice won the majority of new and old customers trust and support have a certain reputation and influence in the peer selling products not only domestic but also exported...

Categories and Products

Embroidery Fabric

Lace Fabric

Metallic Fabric

Foil Fabric

Mesh Fabric

Embossed Fabric

Pleated Fabric

Knitting Fabric

Flocking Fabric

Woven Fabric

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